Discovery Cove adds new experience that lets guests swim with sharks


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Discovery Cove at SeaWorld Orlando is known for getting guests up close to the animals of the ocean, in ways that allow their guests to make once in a lifetime connections. Now, they’re getting guests even more up close to nature’s most feared predators in an all new experience.


The all new Shark Swim will let guests actually swim in the sharks habitat, as they learn all about the animals. Guests will interact with the sharks, as they train with them. Then they will get to swim freely with the sharks. While some may be saying “hell no”, it’s actually an amazing opportunity to swim with some of the sharks that are actually behind glass the rest of the time.

It’s also the only way that guests can experience an encounter this close in a controlled environment with sharks. Previously SeaWorld Orlando had a shark feeding experience, which used the Sea Venture helmets. This experience gets you even closer than that, as the sharks swim freely next to and around you.

Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe and most of the sharks are smaller reef and nurse sharks. The experience starts out around $89 dollars and is in addition to your day at Discovery Cove.


Also new is the Ray and Fish feeding in the park. The experience gets you into the park before opening, and allows you to feed the fish and stingrays in the Grand Reef before other guests arrive in the park. The prices start at $50 dollars per person. This amazing experience will let you get pretty individualized attention from the animals, without the crowds of guests.


Also new to Discovery Cove is the upgraded drink package. Currently, guests can get complimentary beer, wines and frozen alcoholic beverages. For an additional $30 dollars, guests can upgrade their drink selections to include a wider selection of adult beverages, including higher end beers like Heinekein and Angry Orchard, Rum Punch and Sangria.

The new additions can all be added on to your Discovery Cove Vacation at the time of reservation.
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