Experience Your Favorite DreamWork’s Animation Characters at Universal Studios Hollywood!


Held within Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘Universal Plaza’ lies one of the most popular additions to the park this summer, the DreamWorks Character Celebration! This was one of the first attempts to add new and unique characters hot of Universal’s acquisition of DreamWork’s Animation. The celebration offered two different experiences in the day and night. Then the sun goes down the plaza became a colorful dance party when your favorite characters.

Within Universal Plaza you’ll find 5 sets, each themed to a Dreamwork’s property. Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Trolls and How to Train Your Dragon are all featured offering multiple characters each (with the exception of How to Train Your Dragon which is a static representation of Toothless).

Within the Madagascar set you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Penguins of Madagascar, King Julian and Alex. Though which character you meet will vary depending on the time of the day and they’re often mix and matched with one another. King Julian is an absolute blast to watch and interact with!

At the Trolls set, you’ll find find Poppy and Branch who are eager to meet you as well!


The Shrek area offers you the chance to meet Puss in Boots, Shrek and Fiona! Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch Puss in Boots of Fiona.

Toothless generally has the shortest line of the event due to him being a static figure.

Tigress and Po from Kung Fu Panda also have their own set. Unfortunately I missed Po while shooting the characters. Its safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a lot more him in the near future when the DreamWork’s theater opens up.

You’ll also be able to find some awesome DreamWork’s merch inside of Universal Plaza. From Pins to Shirts, to mugs, basically all of the necessities are found.

That does it for this look at the DreamWork’s Character Celebration! With Halloween Horror Nights and Grinchmas and Lunar New Year just around the color it’s safe to assume that the display will go on hiatus in the coming weeks. We hope to see the Character Celebration back in 2018 in time for the DreamWork’s Animation Theater and Animation Studio Store! Stay tuned for more from Universal Studios Hollywood, and be sure to get social with us on Facebook and follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!

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