The West Coast’s First Ever Dive Coaster ‘Hangtime’ is Coming to Knott’s Berry Farm in 2018!


Today has been a huge day for roller coaster fans as Cedar Faire made massive announcement after massive announcement. To cap off National Roller Coaster Day, Knott’s Berry Farm (Cedar Faire’s oldest and most popular west coast park) held a large media gathering to show off the park’s newest BBQ restaurant and announce what’s coming next.

The highlight of the night was of course the announcement of ‘Hangtime’. This ride is the first ever dive coaster using the Gertslauer Infinity Coaster style ride system. This new attraction will occupy the former locations of Boomerang and Rip Tide. Here are a few stats:

Height: 150 Feet

Track Length: 2,198 Feet

Trains: 3 with 16 seat each

Capacity: 800 Riders per hour

Max Speed: 57 MPH

Lift: 90 Degree vertical lift with 96 degree drop

Inversions: 5

Watch the announcement below!

The new ride is also being equipped with a built in lighting package. Similar to Monster at Adventure land in Iowa. The track will have LED’s embedded that can not only follow the each train, but it can easily be reprogrammed to change seasonally for Knott’s Scary Farm, Merry Farm, or any other unique reasons to change the lighting. The coaster was specifically given a white/silver and sky blue paint job so the lighting will really shine bright at night and easily reflect the colors.

HangTime will open sometime in the summer of 2018, also Knott’s confirmed that a rendering of a POV will be out later this year for an even closer look at the new ride. What do you think? We’ve got lots of video from tonight’s event at Knott’s Berry Farm, stay tuned for the latest!

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