Halloween Horror Night Merchandise revealed and it’s CUTE!? At Universal Studios Japan.


Let me give you a quick lesson in basic Japanese. Kawaii, which can be written two ways かわいい or 可愛い means cute or adorable. Then there is Kowai, こわい or 怖い which means scary or frightening. And the Halloween Horror Nights out in Japan is all about mixing the cute with the incredibly scary. As can be seen with their really high energy promo they released this week.

Since the event is FREE with any ticket, yes you read that correctly FREE. They really do have to support the guests that don’t want to leave without changing their pants. Though the haunted houses open at 12 pm the street zones don’t start till when it gets dark at 6pm and they make a big public announcement before it happens. This may work unless you forget that guests are able to roam into the safe zones whom are dressed sometimes in really scary cosplays.

Like this family friendly cosplay.

The event starts on September 9th and the merchandise has just been revealed and its totally kawaii.

My personal favorite piece of merch has to be this Jaws T-shirt. A skeleton Jaws presumably trick or treating? You got me!

If you are interested seeing more merch and a pre walk through of the park before HHN and maybe some JAWS related stuff too, check out this walkthrough through Universal Studios Japan.

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