SeaWorld building indoor theme park in Beijing


Huge news out of China, as Zhonghong is looking to build the first SeaWorld park in China. The new indoor park will be part of the of the huge new Beijing Zhonghong Square complex. According to Chinese news site, Winshang, the plans call for not one, but two indoor theme parks. No other details are known, but the SeaWorld park will be part of a larger entertainment complex.

The site is reporting what we think is an estimated opening date of December 2019, which is right around the corner. There’s no word on what kind of attractions there will be, but the marine park is estimated to be around 40,000 square meters. That’s about 310,000 square feet, or just about 9 acres. The attraction will likely be the size of a themed entertainment center, like a Sea Life Aquarium, or Lego Discovery Center. As for attractions, you can probably expect to see touch pools and huge immersive aquariums.

Here’s the full description from the website:

Indoor theme park area of ​​about 40,000 square meters, mainly for young groups, is research and development status, is a collection of sound and light, network, APP and mobile phones and other scientific and technological elements of the interactive platform, from different countries, the highest technology interactive facilities, Including the screen, projection and other dynamic elements, is beyond the 3D, 4D breakthrough entertainment practice.

From that description, it looks like the SeaWorld park will have some unique attractions but will focus on technology and education as well. If this attraction follows the example of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you can bet there will be no live Killer Whales in the park, and given the size, you can most likely count out on other marine mammals like dolphins or seals and sea lions.

As for the children’s theme park, the park is aiming for 1-2 million square meters. There’s no theme, or names mentioned, but with Zhonghong and SeaWorld, it looks like a Sesame Place type fun center could be in the works.

Children theme park area of ​​about 1-2 million square meters, the use of scientific and technological means to achieve the joy of the whole family with the effect of joy, the parents of mobile phones APP and children’s IPAD connected to the children in the painting, art, music, homework and other different Entertainment can be met.

This is only speculation at this point, but with SeaWorld and Zhonghong it seems like a likely bet.

SeaWorld and Sesame Street have already announced that they plan on bringing Family Entertainment Centers to cities around the US, as well as a second Sesame Place theme park.

More details are sure to be revealed soon, especially if the rumored buyout of SeaWorld ends up being Zhonghong.

While details are extremely scarce at this point, this looks like it could definitely be the direction that Zhonghong and SeaWorld are prepared to go. Smaller Family Entertainment Center like complexes would pretty much serve as living advertisements for the larger SeaWorld parks. People can get more hands on and up close at these smaller indoor parks, and build up to a much larger, more adventurous vacation at the full sized SeaWorld parks, such as Orlando. Highly themed Family Entertainment Centers are seeing a rise, with the popularity of places like Sea Life, Madame Tussauds’, and Lego Discovery Centers. Lions Gate has also announced a New York City entertainment complex, which shows the growing trend towards extremely themed entertainment options, all while building up to a larger theme park vacation. SeaWorld could definitely break some of the stigma with this move, as well as create an all new market for itself across the world.

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