You can be Sweetums with this amazing Muppet costume


Are you a man, or are you a muppet. Now you can either be a manly Muppet or a Muppet of a man with an all new, wearable, handcrafted Sweetums costume.

The new piece from MJL PuppetDesign isn’t actually a costume, but more of an actual puppet. The puppet is a full replica of the giant beloved Muppet, who has been in several of the Muppet movies, the Muppet Show and Disney’s Muppet Vision 3D.

The suit is full size, and operational. The size of the suit depends on the person inside, and again it’s more a puppet than a costume.

Pricing for the puppet starts at $9,000 but each piece is hand made, and not made until it’s ordered.

MJL Puppet Design also does other Muppets, including Sesame Street characters. The company also does custom built puppets, based on your requests, so you could in theory get your own Muppet like version of yourself!

All pieces are built to order, and they make the perfect gift for the Muppet lover in your life.


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