‘BumbleBee’ Looks to Inject Heart into Transformers Franchise with First Trailer


We finally have our first look at the upcoming ‘BumbleBee’ Transformers Spin-off movie with the midnight release of its first trailer.

The new teaser doesn’t share much in terms of the overall story arch of the film but does introduce the new look of BumbleBee, who now holds the form of a Volkswagon Beetle, much like the G1 animation source material. It also introduces us to the main characters, Charlie Watson, and S7 Agent Burns played by John Cena. The most surprising part of this trailer is the reveal of another G1 inspired redesign of Starscream who loses his triangular (star-like) form for his more traditional look with Red, Grey and Blue color scheme.

You can watch the full trailer below which was posted on Paramount’s Youtube channel.

Are you looking forward to seeing BumbleBee in theaters? No release date has been revealed other than Christmas 2018.

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