Insomnia infects Howl O Scream with all new haunted house for 2018


Your eyes are heavy, you can’t stay awake, but the nightmares will haunt you. They’re so bad that they seem to haunt you while you’re awake. Are you asleep or awake? Can you tell anymore? Will the nightmares ever stop?

Howl O Scream will keep you awake with their first new haunted house for 2018, Insomnia. The new house will see you in a haunted asylum, where the doctors have kept their patients awake…forever. Your fears become fate, as each door holds a new terror.

The new house was announced via Facebook Live on the Howl O Scream page.

The new house replaces Zombie Containment Unit, and joins returning favorites Death Water Bayou, The Black Spot,  Unearthed and Motel Hell. That’s five down, and if last year is any indication, there will be three more to be announced.

Tickets are now on sale, including VIP Tours and multi-day passes.

Hurry and get your tickets today, before midnight to save money on a wickedly good deal.

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