They’re back! Mimes return full time to SeaWorld Orlando with new Sea Lion Show


After several years, SeaWorld Orlando has welcomed the fan favorites, and long running SeaWorld Mimes back to Sea Lion and Otter Stadium full time. The mimes made their first official debut, along with a new Sea Lion Show on Friday during a passholder preview event. Sea Lion High-The New Class brings the mimes not only to their former glory as a warm up for the crowd, but also puts them in the show as a part of the story.

Here is a video welcoming everyone to the new class:

Clyde and Seamore have been a long running part of SeaWorld Orlando’s show line up. If Shamu is the heart and the more majestic part of the park, then Clyde and Seamore is the funny bone, and whimsy of the park. To say they are clowns is a bit of an understatement, but it’s the playful nature of the sea lions and otters that the original Sea Lion High didn’t take advantage of.

The show tried to be more educational than fun, and while that’s well and good, it’s not what Clyde and Seamore were built on. Plus, not having the mimes, who were fan favorites of the show, was another tick against the new incarnation.

So what’s different about this version of Sea Lion High? I mean, besides the mimes? Well, they are a big part of it. The mimes do help out in the show in hilarious ways. But the show is also a lot tighter, gives the audience a bad guy to route against, and makes Clyde and Seamore a lot funnier. The show takes elements from Sea Lion High, as well as past shows like Pirate Island and even the summer show Sea Lions Tonite.

The New Class definitely has fun with itself, and doesn’t try to take things too seriously. It even pokes fun of past versions of the show, and everyone overall just seems to be having a blast with it.

Want to see more? Check out the full show in the video below! This is from a passholder preview, so not everything was 100%.

Video-Sea Lion High-The New Class Full show

Overall, the new show is everything that the fans want. It’s a return to form for Clyde and Seamore and is what they were meant to be, which is just plain fun. The show doesn’t have a lot of educational elements to it, unlike the last one, but that’s something that can be found next door at Pacific Point Preserve. You do get to see a lot of great behaviors with the animals, and of course it’s the fun that makes the show…and the mimes. We love the mimes.

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Sea Lion High: The New Class is back in session on a daily basis. Check the park map for showtimes.

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