New Universal Orlando store pays tribute to Universal Monsters


Our friends over at Sunshine Frights have checked in with an awesome photo update from Universal Orlando. The park has a lot of different projects happening, and SF has touched up on just about all of them. A brand new store has taken shape, honoring the Monsters, there’s work going on with the Today Cafe, the Jurassic Park coaster and even Hagrid! Let’s jump right in with a look (above) at the Today Cafe. The new cafe will feature dishes and a recreation of the set from the Today Show, as well as a tribute to Hoda with tons of wine. It looks to be a fun addition to the park, and is taking shape with the outer pieces almost done. If we had to guess, we’d say that the Today Cafe will roll out around June, when Hagrid launches his motorbikes.

Speaking of Hagrid…okay, well not really…but at Islands of Adventure, Jurassic Park has been undergoing a massive transformation, due to a rumored coaster going in. We don’t know details, but tons of rumors point to a Raptor themed coaster and a huge portion of the ride over the water. There’s also a ton of work going on in front of the Discovery Center, which leads us to believe that it will also be getting work done on it, both inside and out very soon. We have tons more pictures in the gallery below!

Meanwhile over at Hagrid (for real this time) we have a great look at…walls. Yeah, there’s not a lot that you can see from the ground, from the air, however, other sites have been reporting spotting three headed dogs, testing of the trains and much more. This new coaster is going to be amazing, and will be packed all summer long, when Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure blasts out (and up) on June 13th.

Finally, back at Universal Studios Florida, the Prop Shop (that’s not monsters!) is full of Cyberdyne Systems signs from the T2-3D gift shop that has been closed…or at least rethemed. That can only mean!

Yes! Classic Monsters have taken over the space of the old T2-3D store, and has been refitted with tons of new props and of course Horror Merchandise. That’s only fitting, with the Horror Make Up show right next door.

The store is full of props featuring classic Universal Monsters, which is amazing. Besides the Horror Make Up show, the only place to see Monsters was Monsters Cafe.

You just gotta love anything that has to do with Monsters, and this new store touches on a little bit of everything, from Alfred Hitchcock, to Ghostbusters and of course Creature and Dracula. While rumors are swirling around a whole land revolving around the Classic Monsters at the new park, I feel they kind of belong at Universal Studios. After all, it was the monsters that defined Universal Studios almost 100 years ago.

It seems that the store is a continuous work in progress, as overnight Universal installed a new state of the art, park to park transportation system. It’s top of the line, with only mild side effects that may include increased strength, dizziness, skin irritation, acid vomiting, and pieces of your body falling off. These pods from The Fly are a really cool way to block off the exit from the former T2 attraction.

Of course, we also need to take a stroll through it, so check out the video of the new shop from Sunshine Frights below!

If you were looking for comics and other collectibles, those have been moved to the gift shop at the exit of MIB in the back of the park.

Want more Universal updates? Check out the gallery below!

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