D23 Expo: Pixar’s Onward gets a new poster and image


I just love the look of the poster for Disney Pixar’s Onward. It captures pretty much everything we know so far about the film, which thanks to the D23 presentation is more than we did. The film stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as brothers who go on an adventure to get magic back. And it wouldn’t be a Pixar film if it didn’t you right in the feels.

First of all, Onward is a completely new fantasy family adventure, and is an original story. That’s something Pixar hasn’t done in a minute, with 2017’s Coco being the last original film from the studio. In 2020, Pixar will give us two original stories, almost back to back.

In Disney and Pixar’s “Onward,” two teenage elf brothers embark on an extraordinary quest in a van named Guinevere to discover if there is still a little magic left in the world. Featuring Tom Holland as the voice of Ian Lightfoot, and Chris Pratt as the voice of Ian’s older brother, Barley.

So let’s talk about the footage a little. We see a world where magic used to exist, and fantasy creatures like unicorns, dragons and elves are real. Only, they’re like us, and kind of…ya know, mundane. Two brothers Barley and Ian are raised by their mother, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus who has done an amazing job, who has seemingly died. We’re not 100% sure on that, dad is gone and mom’s raised the kids on her own.

Mom decides to give the boys a staff that belonged to their father, along with a letter, which dad said to do on their 16th birthday. The letter is a spell, and will bring dad back for one day so he can see how they grew up. There’s also rare phoenix gem, which powers the staff. Of course, nothing ever goes right, and we only see dads feet. The gem breaks, and the boys embark on a quest to find another gem, and to maybe bring magic back into the world. The stuff we saw was very funny, and of course full of that special Pixar gut-punch.

The new film hits theaters on March 6th 2020.

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