Knotts Berry Farm park update


Welcome to the Knott’s Park report for the week ending on Febuary 15, 2020 brought to you by our correspondent in the field, Angie Smith.

As most of you may know, Knott’s Berry Farm is celebrating it’s 100th Birthday all year long with many delightful surprises including; updated attractions, special entertainment and food offerings and releasing a collection of one hundred pins. These pins focus on those iconic items and rides that have made memories at Knott’s so very sweet. So far, they are releasing one pin per week, showcasing the newest offering on the Knott’s Berry Farm Facebook page each Friday. Currently the cost per pin is $9.99, two each per purchase while supplies last, only at a designated shop inside the Farm. Due to the extreme interest in some of the earlier pins—those earlier releases saw no limits purchasing, which brought out the rabid collectors and those who sell on Ebay with predicable results.  After complaints, Knott’s initiated the current selling parameters to allow a wider distribution and lessen overcrowding at popular gift/souvenir shops during park hours.

Many of the earlier 100th Birthday pins may be found on Ebay, but Knott’s is not releasing them in numeralogical order. So far, these are the pins that have been released this year:

  •    January 3, 2020           Pin#1               Berry Stand
  •    January 10, 2020         Pin#2               Pan for Gold
  •    January 17, 2020         Pin#3               Kingdom of the Dinosaurs
  •    January 24, 2020         Pin#4               Pony Express
  •    January 31, 2020         Pin#56             Peanuts Celebration
  •    February 1, 2020         Pin#57             Charlie Brown Zig-Zag Shirt
  •    February 7, 2020         Pin#55             Snoopy 2020

Knott’s Peanuts Celebration has started with new Peanuts themed shows around the Farm, as well as exclusive Peanuts styled treats and entrees at many of Knott’s dining areas (like Pulled Pork Baked Mac and Cheese—served at the Wagon Wheel Pizza located in Ghost Town; or Sarsaprilla Root Beer Float—available at the Cable Car Kitchen in the California Marketplace, located outside of Knott’s). Knott’s Peanut Celebration will continue on weekends (including holidays) until March 1, 2020.

Voyage to the Iron Reef (an interactive attraction) is being replaced by a special 100th Birthday return of the Berry Bears, titled Berry Tales, scheduled to be ready to ride by Summer 2020.

Check out the Knott’s Berry Farm website, for more up-to-date information on ticket prices and other Knott’s information for your next visit to Southern California’s first amusement park, located in beautiful Buena Park and be sure to subscribe to Behind The Thrills to stay updated on all things happening in and around the Farm!