Knotts pins, cookies and Peanut Celebration details


Welcome to the Knott’s Park report for the week ending on Febuary 22, 2020 brought to you by our correspondent in the field, Angie Smith.

Let’s start with the pins! On Friday, February 14th, Pin #6 The Cable Car was released and almost immediately sold out. The Cable Car otherwise known as California Street RR Cable Car, operated from 1955 until 1978. This small fleet of battery electric powered San Francisco Cable Cars (Numbers 6, 17, 20, 43, 49 and 59) was used to shuttle guests from the main gate to the parking lot, which is where Camp Snoopy is today. After the park was fenced in back in 1968, only one cable car continued to run on the limited track and was retired in 1978. For those curious enough, one of the old cable cars used by the Knott family is at Old Poway Park in Poway, California.

The following Friday, February 20, witnessed the debut of Pin #7, Studio K. Studio K opened in the summer of 1984 and was a nightclub for teens featuring various local Dj’s spinning the latest tunes, lazer lights shows, breaking dancing teams and some of the hottest groups of the era. Sadly, it closed in 1991.

Both pins were listed for $9.99 each with a limit of two per person and can only be found at Cordy’s Corner gift shop which is located next to the Charles M Schultz theatre, while supplies last.

With the Peanuts Celebration continuing during weekends until March 1, 2020, many of the shows at the Farm are showcasing the Peanuts gang. Some of the entertainment includes: 

  • In Ghost Town, you can learn to draw your favorite Peanuts character at the Peanuts Sketch Show in the Bird Cage Theatre. 
  • Two shows share the Calico Mine Stage–‘HAPPINESS IS’ (popular music) and ‘Woodstock’s Music Festival ‘ with The Jelly of the Month Club musicians (high energy rock for everyone). 
  • Fiesta Village has evening entertainment at Spike’s Discoteca  De Silencio (Spike’s Silent Disco) on the Fiesta Plaza Stage. 
  • The Camp Snoopy Theater presents ‘Space Beagle’ with Charlie Brown and Lucy helping the world’s most famous beagle become the first dog on the moon. 

Be sure to try some of the sweet and savory Peanuts themed treats during this time! 

Charlie Brown Macarons (Macarons with Nutella filling), various Peanut character cookies (including Snoopy) are displayed for your sweet tooth at the Ghost Town Bakery.  

Fiesta Dogs (gourmet hot dogs stand located in Fiesta Village, only open on weekends) has been changed to Snoopy’s Dog House with a Peanuts themed hot dog menu.  

 The roller coaster Montezuma’s Revenge, also located in Fiesta Village is up and delighting riders both young and old. 45 seconds of sheer acceleration and exhalation await those willing to accept being shot out of the ride’s station, the train of cars hurl down the track into a huge loop and then experience being suspended on the front tail for a breathless moment or two. 

Then, do it again, backwards. 

Screaming through the station on the back (literary!) ride, the participants are once more suspended in negative gravity on the back tail before returning to the station, and the ride’s end. 

For more information about Knott’s 100th Birthday Celebration and Knott’s Peanuts Celebration, please check the Knott’s Berry Farm or the Knott’s Berry Farm Facebook page for your next visit to the first amusement park in Southern California!  

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