Huge BGT update: Cheetah Hunt, Gwazi, and Shae Laurel


If you’re heading out to Busch Gardens anytime soon, you’ll notice the park seems to be in shambles. It’s hard to navigate right now because of the new coaster, Cheetah Hunt, they’re currently installing, which is scheduled to open this spring. Although it’s though to navigate right now, there’s still a lot going on. Busch Gardens is opening “Burn the Floor” in the Desert Grill pretty soon, but until then, a temporary show is in place, and Gwazi will be re-opening on the 22nd.

Remember those temporary Millennium Fliers found at Gwazi back in March of last year? It seems that Busch Gardens was so impressed that they’ve got their own set of Flyers for Gwazi, which explains it’s closure. Gwazi is scheduled to open back up on the 22nd of this month. Here’s a few photos of work going on at Gwazi.

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With the little spurt of warm weather we’ve had, a lot has happened over at Cheetah Hunt. Since our last update, a lot of new track has been added in the Rhino Rally water portion of the ride, as well as a lot of new work is being done to the station. Check out the photos of the work going on below.

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Last up on today’s update is the temporary show in the Desert Grill, Shae Laurel. This show will run for a few more days, until Let’s Dance, featuring Burn the Floor returns to the Desert Grill on Jan 19th. Photos from last year’s show can be viewed here.

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