Sea World Orlando readies for Summer


This past weekend we took a quick trip to Sea World Orlando to take a look around. Surprisingly we found a lot of things had changed, and even more so, things were getting ready for the busy summer season that is lurking right around the corner. Sea World recently announced that it will be bringing back “Sea World After Dark” and more importantly Sea Lions Tonight, which is really the “Bill and Ted” show of Sea World in that it makes fun of not only the pop culture, but the rest of the park.

First up is the Sky Tower which was not free to passholders over the Spring Break season, but is once again free. Taking a ride we saw several interesting sites. Besides the normal awesome views of the park, and Aquatica, we were also able to spot some construction going on behind the employee parking lot on the other side of the road. Could this be for anything in the park, or is it just a new development off property? What is definitely on property however is the new construction over at Discovery Cove. This is the only way to see the construction site aside from actually being on property. A large chunk of land has been cleared, and it looks like two large pumps have been brought in.

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Over at the underwater viewing area for Shamu Stadium, we could see Tilikum swimming around in the big tank. Very shocking, a lot of people knew who he was and what he was responsible for, and of course were asking what was going to be happening to him. Currently there are two female whales pregnant with his offspring, so it seems like life is pretty good for Tilly.

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An odd bit, something we haven’t really noticed, but the Clydesdale Hamlet which showcased “Wild Things” a few short weeks back is now closed up and empty. The horses are still in the back area, but it is completely shut down. We have heard rumors for a while that the whole area is going to be torn asunder and turned into a new attraction or area, but it just doesn’t make sense. After all the “Terrace” is a popular eating destination, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for a major attraction.

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Over at Happy Harbor, the Jazzy Jellies attraction is walled up…well on three sides anyway, and is completely in pieces. There was a sign at the front of the park stating that it was down, but it is completely torn apart. Also, the arcade right outside of Shamu Stadium was under construction as well.

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Clyde and Seamore has been testing out new costumes and jokes for a while, but this is the first time we’ve been able to grab some decent shots. Overall the show is still funny, and it was great to finally get rid of the “recount” joke and the new Captain Squib does great. Some of the jokes feel forced, and it always seems as if they are training new Sea Lions. But again, still funny. And Tom the Pirate Mime, always a crowd pleaser.

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With all the major updates out of the way, how about a stroll around all the animals and the rest of the shows?

Shark Encounter still tickles me as kids go screaming into the tube, then running back around to do it again.

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Believe is still running dry, and it’s still kind of disheartening to see the trainers out of the water as they talk about “working with these magnificent creatures”. Safety first.

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Thanks to Clyde and Seamore, I can’t see Blue Horizons without giggling. It’s a great show, don’t get me wrong, but I found myself giggling at all the serious parts. The show is lacking a pirate mime!

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That about wraps up the latest at Sea World. Manta is still roped off around the Pretzel Loop with tons of change on the ground. Makes me think they are either going to net the area off more than they have, or they will take that observation area out. Can’t risk guests being pelted in the head.

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While we were at the park, we also were able to broadcast several live feeds via Ustream. Make sure to check them out here.