BGT Howl O Scream quick update


Things are flying up over at Busch Gardens Tampa. Just a few days ago we received a slew of pics from Howl O Scream, and Project 2011. The pathways were pretty much clear. Today, however, is a different day and a different story.

The biggest deal is that we’re finally getting a feel of what “Alone” will look like. A few days ago there was just chain link fence in a pathway. Today, that chain link is now part of a sign. We’re getting a bit of a junk yard feel to it. Color me interested.

Elsewhere in the park, Taste of Blood is flying up, Fiends is getting ready to bring out the pink nurses, and way in the back of the Tidal Wave DED is coming out to play. Back to Fiends, we have heard rumors that we will be getting male nurses in very tight leather shorts, (this rumor courtesy of Orlando United) and will be eye candy for all who are into it. While I’m all for changing Fiends around, not the change I was hoping for. We’ll see soon enough.

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The biggest improvement over the past few days however has been the pathway from Nairobi. Judging by the color of everything, and the color of the scare zone on the website, I’m guessing we’re looking at Light of Doom. A lot of old props from other zones were used and painted. Most notably were the skull heads from the Mummy scare zone last year, and the cow from Zombie Junction a few years back. Exciting to see this much stuff on the pathway as it appears we will be seeing a lot of places for actors to hide and jump out of!

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