It’s a Small World re-opens at Magic Kingdom


It’s a Small World has been down for quite some time due to construction going on in Fantasyland for it’s 2012/2013 renovation. It re-opened this past week with little to no change at all done to the ride. While it was down, it was not down for maintenance (but I’m sure they did an annual rehab on it since they had ample time), and complaints have been flying left and right on discussion forums about it. It was simply down because of construction going on in the area. Now that it’s open again, go ride it!

Meanwhile, Haunted Mansion is still undergoing some work in the outside queue area. Can’t see much going on right now, but I’m sure it’ll turn out great. Check out the mixed photos of Small World and Haunted Mansion below.

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Animal Kingdom has successfully made the switch-over to have doors on their trams. Disney is over-hauling all of their trams to now incorporate doors on them. I’m sure this is to help ensure the safety of their park guests so they’re not jumping off the trams while they’re moving and to help with objects being dropped from the trams. I’m just shocked this addition didn’t come sooner than it has.

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Also, check out some great photos of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It somewhat reminds me of Great Wolf Lodge with all the animals and such. It looks like a great place with tons to do and see.

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