Thrill Daily News – 10/20/10


Six Flags Magic Mountian

  • Superman is going to be getting a pretty good make over for 2011 and the ride will be going backwards. Read the full story.
  • Now that Magic Mountain is adding a few new coasters for 2011, Cedar Point can kiss their coaster-crown goodbye. Magic Mountain will steal Coaster Capital of the World in 2011.

Seaworld Orlando

Orlando Thrill Park

  • While some residents are concerned about the noise and traffic problems that might occur because of a new park, most residents are excited about having new coasters in the area. Read the full story.


  • The park is finally turning to social media outlets like many other parks have been successful at doing. Read the full story.


  • Got an iPad? Disney has a new app for the iPad. Read the full story.
  • Iron Man 3 and Avengers looks like it’s going to be taken away from Paramount and will be made by Disney. Read the full story.
  • Disney has released a teaser for the upcoming movie, Cars 2, scheduled to be in theaters next summer. Read the full story.

Geauga Lake

  • Although the park has been closed for a few years, it doesn’t look like the park will be opening any time soon.. in all actuality, it looks like the park’s fate is very dark. However, depending on how the area gets rezoned, the area could be turned into residental areas, or for commerial and/or retail. Read the full story.