IAAPA 2010: Coaster manufactures display their latest and greatest


IAAPA is a huge convention where everyone gets together to show of their “biggest” and “baddest” new products, giving parks the chance to purchase their products and put them in their parks. Companies like B&M all the way to the guy selling Dippin’ Dots was at the convention, showing off their latest product.

In this part of our IAAPA 2010 coverage, we display photos and information that we obtained at Coaster manufacture booths. Stay tuned as there will be much more coverage to come.

Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)
B&M didn’t have any brand new products to display, but they did have part of  Manta, located at Seaworld Orlando, on display. Along with their display, they had quite a few photos of different coasters they have built in the past. Their collection of photos were of different designs they currently build, which include Dive Coasters, Inverted Coasters, Sit Down Coasters, and Flying Coasters. Photos included Griffon, Oblivion, and Sheikra (Dive Coasters), Montu and Alpengeist (Inverted Coasters), Diamondback and Kracken (Sit Down Coasters).

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Great Coaster International (GCI)
GCI had their famous Millennium Flier trains on display. The Millennium Flier was established in 1999 and is still heavily used today in the industry. Like B&M, GCI had photos of some of their creations along the walls, including Renegade (Valleyfair!), and a few others.

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Premier Rides
Premier Rides had a display model of their latest product featured in Dubai, F1. The ride features what looks like a race car. They also had a display of different chain links used on their various rides.

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S&S Worldwide
S&S Worldwide also had one of their air launched trains on display. Last year, S&S Worldwide debuted their newest design: the Free Fly coaster.

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Intamin had no models set up, but they had a good slew of photos and videos of their products playing for possible buyers to view.

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Maurer Sohne
Maurer had a lot of new products to display, along with a few models. Universal’s Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit has LED lights in the train, but MS has gone further with their use of LEDs and put them into the wheels. I spoke with a representative from the company about their new X-Car, which will be debuting soon. Currently it’s still in it’s early stages of development, but the company is looking to use less break runs and add more passengers to the trains to increase capacity. Rides such as Rockit can run up to 7 trains at a time, but they only seat 12 people per car and have multiple break runs. The new X-Car seats four across and can have as many as 8 rows. An X-Car with 8 rows can weigh in at as much as 14 tons.

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Gerstlauer had a bunch of models of many of the different layouts they have used. They also announced they would have seven new projects going on in 2011.

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Stay tuned for a lot more coverage of IAAPA!