Thrill Daily News Update 4-24-11


Happy Easter! We hope that you had a great day either with your families, riding coasters, or eating the ears off of chocolate bunnies. What any of that has to do with the ressurection of Christ is beyond me, but we’re not going to say anything against stuff that makes you smile. Speaking of stuff that makes you smile…if Jesus died, then came back from the dead..wouldn’t that make him a zombie? Of course when you say zombie people think “eat your brains” but that was hardly the case until George Romero came along. Jesus saved the world, and George Romero sent it straight to hell. Regardless, I have some theme park news around here somewhere. Shall we then?

Holy shith! This is a story that somewhat flew under the radar! A man died Friday morning after security tased him at Universal Orlando’s Citywalk. According to Florida Today the man was acting irrational (stuff like pacing and pulling his hair out). When officers approached him he became violent, and after resisting arrest, again violently, they shocked him with a stun gun. The man became unresponsive and died at the hospital. Of course a toxicology report is under way.

ABC Family will air the official trailer for the highly anticipated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this Wednesday during the showing of Happy Gilmore.

Cedar Fair
Remember that thing we told you about Cedar Fair parks teaming up with Guinness Book of World Records? Carowinds was the first park to break a world record by getting 317 people to dye Easter eggs.

It’s a question most coaster enthusiasts want to know. What is happening with Son of Beast, according to this article….nothing. Several sources, including Screamscape give their opinions on what they’d like to see happen to it, but the park stays mum on the subject. It is not likely to reopen this year, or next. in fact many are calling to tear it down. What do you say?
Lady Gaga has announced to the Mirror that she wants to do her own theme park, and is drawing up plans. In fact she might enlist the help of fellow rocker Alice Cooper who already been approached by Alton Towers for a horror ride. She’s wanting it in New York, and wants it to be over the top Gaga. Hold on a minute. What if she takes ownership of the now defunct Hard Rock park and pours money into it. She can put some new ideas in it, and finally get something successful out of that park. Thoughts?
And Finally Duke Nukem Forever has gotten an age restricted trailer. It is full of boobs, bad words and urination. God it’s so cool.

Ride of the Day
It was the tallest and longest wooden roller coaster of its time. It was the only coaster to be built with a loop. It later closed due to roughness, and other factors. After riding I was sure I had lost my spleen, and was quite scared of brain trauma. Still, it was one of the biggest risks for Kings Island and an innovative coaster that not many were able to experience. That makes Son of Beast your ride of the Day.