Disney gives Florida Residents the chance to Discover Disney with new special priced pass


Florida Residents have it made! We get to have really nice weather most of the year, don’t really have any big troubles to worry about, and have Disney in our backyard! Disney has gone through and added a whole slew of new attractions and updated old ones and to help Florida Residents discover all the new Disney fum the park has rolled out the all new Discover Disney pass.


The Discover Disney pass gives Florida Residents three days to explore three of the four Disney parks for the slightly more than the cost of a one day admission. For just $119 dollars Florida Residents can get three days admission to any of the four Disney parks.  The only downside is that you can only visit one park per day. If guess want to add a park hopper they can do that for only $28 dollars more per pass. Guests can also add a fourth day for just $10 dollars more. If yes want to add water parks to their pass they can do that for an additional $28 dollars as well per pass.

This has become an annual new year tradition for Walt Disney World which season lower attendance just after the holidays. The Discover Disney pass replaces last year’s play 3 pass,  which gave guess the same amount of days for just around 100 dollars.

For more information visit the official Walt Disney World website!