Sandstorm blowing out of Busch Gardens Tampa this weekend


Blinding, fast and furious, the desert storm blew in Timbuktu for many years. Now it’s time for that storm to end as The Sandstorm at Busch Gardens Tampa will close the fun ride to make room for something else “dropping” into the park. For almost three decades the Sandstorm was a staple in the park, but not all storms can last forever.

The sandstorm is a flat spinning ride, that is very similar to a scrambler type attraction found at carnivals and fairs. However unlike most carnivals and fairs, the sand storm has lasted for almost 30 years. Well it’s not as big and thrilling as a coaster, it provided just enough grill for the smaller thrillseekers who either weren’t big enough, or brave enough to face the big coasters.

Busch Gardens Tampa will be making a huge announcement on June 11th, and will announce future enhancements for the Timbuktu area. While there are no official announcements made yet, it is rumored that Busch Gardens Tampa will announce a huge new drop tower that could exceed 330 feet. If this is true, this will be the biggest drop tower in the south east. Other rumors call for a huge expansion in the Timbuktu area  which could include new shops and restaurants, as well as new experiences.
Stay tuned as we learn more.
Sandstorm at Busch Gardens Tampa will make its final ride this Sunday June 2nd. Be sure to get your final rides in while you can.
For more information on sandstorm and ticket prices, vist the official Busch Gardens Tampa website by clicking here!