Spooky Empire’s MAY-HEM is coming to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and they’re all out of bubble gum


For most of the horror fans, January isn’t so bad. Halloween was just a few months ago, and a lot of last year’s great horror is coming to DVD, and Netflix. By May, however, we’re in full on withdrawls. We need horror, we need gore, we need chainsaws and fog! WE NEED ZOMBIES! For the past few year’s Spooky Empire has given horror fans exactly what they need to break up the doldrums until Halloween. This year, May-Hem, is back and it’s all out of bubble gum.




May-Hem is the annual, half-way to Halloween event, that brings together some of the biggest names in horror, and pop culture. It combines huge media guests, demonstrations, and different panels of speakers and presentations. While the official list hasn’t been released yet, the small list that has is already exciting.



The Legendary director of some of the most iconic horror films will be returning to Spooky Empire. John Carpenter has directed such films as The Thing, Prince of Darkness, Big Trouble in Little China and The Fog, just to name a few. He also pretty much created the slasher film with the legendary Halloween series.




Marky Ramone, the last living member of the original line up of the American Punk pioneers will also be appearing. Concerts? Well that would be amazing, but usually guests are just there to sign autographs and meet with fans.

Laurie Holden, best known as Andrea on AMC’s The Walking Dead will also be making an appearance. This is her first convention since her departure from the zombie apocalypse show last season. Holden has also appeared in a variety of other projects, including Frank Darabont’s adaptation of the Stephen King story, The Mist.

Last year’s May-Hem included a partnership with Transworld Horror, and Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta called Halloween Extreme. The event was included with admission, and gave horror fans the chance to learn about all the gory goodness that goes into their favorite Horror attractions and bring them home for themselves. It will not be returning in 2014, but 2015 has already been mapped out and Halloween Extreme will be a huge part of May-Hem once again. Go to the official Halloween Extreme website to learn more by clicking here.

May-Hem will be kicking through Orlando May 30th through June 1st at the Orlando Double Tree Resort at the entrance to Universal Orlando. VIP Tickets are on sale now, and they do sell out fast.

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For more information about Spooky Empire, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!