Painted Camel springs to life as Pantopia at Busch Gardens Tampa is slowly revealed


The first signs of Pantopia are starting to show at Busch Gardens Tampa, as The Painted Camel has sprung to life. The all new experience will take guests to a new magical land where animals and civilization meet together to tell stories of the desert and the natural world around us. The all new section is slated to open with the huge new drop tower-Falcon’s Fury in May, but already Pantopia is springing to life all around the park’s centerpiece new drop tower.



The Painted Camel is just one of many new shops slated to open at Busch Gardens Tampa in the coming month, as attractions get fitted with new themes, and all new shops spring to life with the coming of Pantopia. The first new shop open is Ackbar’s Painted Camel Bazaar.


The Painted Camel puts the emphasis on bright new colors, and on recycling, repurposing many different pieces of the park’s history and giving many different items a new life. One prime example is Ackbar’s own previous adventures. The story of the Painted Camel is that Ackbar has settled down in Pantopia to bring treasures that he’s found from around the world. Ackbar previously owned a travel company, called Ackbar’s Adventure tours. It was previously a simulator ride in the park, and signs from the ride are used all around the shop.



Around the shop are not the typical theme park trinkets, with the emphasis being on bright earthy colors and an eclectic mix of theme park souvenirs and things for all around your home. There’s even painted camels to decorate your home with.


Elsewhere around Pantopia keys are being discovered. These keys are part of the story, as Pantopia will have many doors, each with a different story (and different key). While the keys are merely for decoration, we are hearing that the doors themselves could have a purpose.



Around the rest of the area, a collection of items can be seen springing up around Pantopia. From stacks of chairs, and doors, to brightly colored boxes. Pantopia will be a mash up of many different items, each one telling a story around shops and restaurants. The emphasis will also be on sharing the world around us with animals, which can be seen as the animals are starting to spring to life in the architecture as well.


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Pantopia and Falcon’s Fury are both scheduled to open May 1st at Busch Gardens Tampa.

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For more information about Pantopia, and Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!