Full moon brings out more Twitchlings at Legends: A haunting in Old Town


When the moon climbs high o’er the dead oak trees, it’s not grim, grinning ghosts you have to worry about. When it’s Legends at Old Town, it’s Twitchlings, and on full moons they get a certain…hunger. As Friday the 13th passed, we are all very lucky that Archibald Ashdown and his Twitchlings are confined to the haunt at Old Town. The haunted attraction that spreads fear all year held it’s first (of what we hope are many) big events of the year, as they celebrated “Fright-Day the 13th”. More Twitchlings, more fear, and of course the demented ghost of Archibald Ashdown himself.


Photo by The Paranormal Paparazzi



A very special addition of Legends rolled out on Friday the 13th as the haunted attraction rolled out $13 dollar admission, a free prize to every 13th person who bought a ticket, and 13 very unlucky souls who happened to get trapped inside the cursed property.


Photo by The Paranormal Paparazzi

Photo by The Paranormal Paparazzi


Our very own Racheal was one of those souls trapped as several bloggers once again descended on the house. You would have thought that we all learned our lesson last time, but apparently Ashdown&Sons has a little piece of our souls, and we could never stay away when Mr. Ashdown asks us to appear.







Friday the 13th has a long standing history of being a very unlucky day for those foolish enough to venture out and challenge the darkness. From ancient times it was seen as a religious day, which was turned into the unholiest of days during biblical times. Superstition and modern movies have turned the day into a quasi-holiday, with many celebrating the day. This past Friday was a very special day, as it was also a full moon. While full moons occur on Fridays all the time, full moons on Friday the 13th rarely do, and it will several decades before it happens again. Activity around Legends is always busy, as the dead there like their business, but for Friday the 13th…things were a little more devious than usual. With other bloggers, Ricky Brigante from Inside the Magic, Robert Bearden from Mickey Updates and THE Big Fat Panda, there was plenty to scream about.

Video-Go into the darkness of Legends on Fright-Day the 13th

We always love the make up that the team at Legends does, but this time Lia Malamo, Amber Harrison & Erik ‘Osiris’ Black stepped things up with unique new takes on the Twitchlings that normally haunt the streets of Old Town. The maniacs behind Legends-Jim Shackleford, Jay Westerman and Dan Carro are always in the kitchen cooking up something to spread the fear year all year, and while we are never sure about the whims of Archibald Ashdown, we have a feeling that once the full moon rises again, guests may find themselves running once again. You’ll have to stay tuned as we try to get as close as Mr. Ashdown lets us.

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