Cedar Point teases 2015 announcement


What exactly is happening at Cedar Point? If you have had your ears to the rumors, like we have, then there’s so much going on that it will make your head spin. Everything from new rides, to coaster repainting, and even a new boardwalk has been on the rumor list. But what will Cedar Point announce?

Cedar Point’s own Tony Clark has been teasing the new addition on various social media outlets, as well as in the park. Clark teased a list with his “things to do” for Monday, which included all the rumored new additions.
The park will make huge announcement on Tuesday about the addition for 2015, but it’s still not clear in what it will be.

The biggest rumor is the revamping of Mean Streak. The wooden coaster has seen better days, and the recent revamping of Six Flags coasters by Rocky Mountain Coasters into steel hybrid monsters has fans hoping for a makeover.
However, many say Six Flags and Rocky Mountain have an exclusive contract, which would prevent Cedar Fair from getting a revamped woody.
The most likely item to happen will be the repainting of Mantis, and the conversion to floorless coaster trains. It’s also possible that Mantis could be renamed King James, after the promise the park made to name a coaster after LeBron James if the basketball player returned to Cleveland.
Another huge rumor is the building of an all new dark ride, one that might involve werewolves. Garner Holt, legendary animatronic creators, have been working with other Cedar Fair parks like Knott’s Berry Farm. Earlier this year, Knott’s unveiled a completely redone Calico Mine Train.

For any hoping for a new record breaking coaster, don’t hold your breath. The park opened Gatekeeper in 2013, and doesn’t have a track record of opening a new coaster so soon. The last coaster before Gatekeeper was Maverick in 2007.
Cedar Point is now closed for daily operation, and will be open for Halloweekends at the end of September.
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