A new haunt is coming to Orlando, is your soul prepared?


In just five days reservations will open for an all new haunted attraction in Orlando. What is it about? We have no clue. Where will it be? We have no clue! It’s been mysterious as hell, but we do know that it’s coming soon and that you better have your soul in check.

It’s called Catharsis, and it’s being produced by Pseudonym Productions, the same team behind the interactive experience, When Shadows Fall. That limited time production received rave reviews.

So, what can we expect? A 30 minute walk through attraction that will challenge your soul and make you embrace your true nature.

The website is going HHN level with a new clue every day until reservations open. It will also feature the Deadly Sins Bar. Apparently this is going to be next level horror, and we are only starting to see little glimpses of the terror within.
Visit the teaser site by clicking here!

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