Are You Afraid of the Dark coming to the big screen from the writers of IT


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this one “The Tale of the Silver Screams”. Back in the 90’s the Canadian produced show, Are You Afraid of the Dark chilled kids down to the very bone on Nickelodeon, and became a huge hit for the network. Even more than being a huge hit, it was downright scary! Of course, it was aimed at kids so it wasn’t too scary.

Now, the hit show is going to light the campfire once again, as the Midnight Society goes to the big screen. Paramount’s new production group “Paramount Players” is bringing the horror anthology series to life with a new film, and it’s in pretty good hands.

Gary Dauberman is attached to write the new film. You might recognize his name from little movies like this year’s Annabelle: Creation and Stephen King’s IT. Both of those movies proved to be huge hits at the box office, but more importantly they were just good horror.

It’s not going to be an easy task, as the show had a different subject on every episode with no two ever following the same story line. But it should be a fun ride regardless. If the film comes off as fun as recent adaptations of Goosebumps, then it could be a great start to a really fun franchise. While Goosebumps went more the comedy route, it definitely had some very creepy elements in it, and worked really well as an intro into horror for kids. Are You Afraid of the Dark could be the next step in that intro.

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