Diamond Horseshoe is final restaurant at Magic Kingdom to serve alcohol



Walt Disney World is continuing to change things up with the addition of it’s latest menu update at The Diamond Horseshoe Saloon at Magic Kingdom. The new menu goes into effect on Wednesday May 23rd, and will add new a la carte menu items, along with new all you can eat dishes.

There’s the amazing sounding bbq pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese. There’s tons of new options, and they all look amazing.

Check out even more pictures below:









The biggest news is that the Diamond Horseshoe is the final table service restaurant to roll out beer and wine at the Magic Kingdom. The news caused a huge stir a few years back when beer and wine rolled out at Be Our Guest, and a few other restaurants. Since then, every other table service restaurant in the park has rolled out beer and wine.

While many may think that the Magic Kingdom is “off limits” for adult beverages, it’s something that has been very successful. Keep in mind that beer and wine is only available at table service restaurants, and are not available at counter service or kiosks throughout the park.

The new menu will kick off May 23rd, just before the busy Memorial Day Weekend.



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