Carowinds cooks up new plans with Blue Ridge Junction and Copperhead Strike


Granny’s been hard at work on the Carowinds kitchen in her top secret recipe. We’ve seen the ingredients, saw the special instructions and have tried to decipher just what kind of dish Granny has cookin. But it’s the secret that’ll bite ya if you’re not careful.

For 2019 Carowinds is rolling out Blue Ridge Junction, a 7 acre land that pays tribute to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where things are a bit easier, and a little more fun.

While More will be announced as the 2019 season approaches, Carowinds has two black g additions so far in Blue Ridge Junction. The first is Blue Ridge Country Kitchen.Farm fresh food and fixins will be the centerpiece of this home cooked, country kitchen.

And for 2019, Carowinds will be cooking up a brand new coaster called Copperhead Strike. The story of Copperhead Strike takes place in Granny Byrd’s farm, where she’s famous for her prize winning jam. But secretly, she makes moonshine and guards her secret. I guess there’s snakes on the farm too? Makes no sense, really but it’s a cool story and even a cooler coaster.

The coaster will be a Mack launch coaster, and will be the first coaster in the Carolinas to feature two launches. It will hug the terrain with lots of twists and turns, before launching into five inversions.

Here are the rides full stats:

Coaster Type: Double Launch coaster

Launching System: Linear Synchron Motor (LSM)

Number of Launches: 2

First Launch: From 0 to 42 mph in 2.5 seconds

Second Launch: From 35 mph to 50 mph in 2 seconds

Track Length: 3,255 feet

Number of Inversions: 5

Duration: 2 minutes, 24 seconds

Height Requirement: 52″

Trains: 3

Riders per Train: 16

Amount of Steel Used: 530 tons

Ride Manufacturer: MACK Rides GmbH & Co KG, Waldkirch, Germany

There’s more happening for 2018 before Carowinds kicks into 2019, so stay tuned for more details.

Are you excited for Copperhead Strike?

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