Halloween Horror Nights Orlando adds one. More. Night.


Halloween Horror Nights Orlando is freakin killing it this year. It’s getting massive crowds, rave reviews, massive crowds…and did we mention massive crowds?

The event is so popular that it’s been selling out on the weekends, and coming close to selling out on others.

And who can blame the fans from wanting more? It’s been an amazing year with Stranger Things, Poltergeist, Michael Myers and so many good original houses that it’s not funny. Speaking of funny, there’s the streets which includes Killer Klowns and Chucky.

So, one more night will be added to the line up. Tuesday, October 30th will be a new night for the event, which will run until November 3rd.

If you haven’t gone, it’s your chance. If you have, it might be a perfect night to go back.

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