Disney Skyliner strands riders after collision


After less than a week of opening, a reported crash on the new Disney Skyliners have been reported on Saturday night, leaving riders stranded in the air. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported, and the issues are more inconvenient than anything else.

Disney has gone on record of saying that the Skyliners have experienced “unexpected downtime”, and the Orlando Sentinel reports that a power outage was the cause. However, twitter posts are painting a different picture.


Riders were stuck on the Skyliners starting around 8 p.m. on Saturday night, as crews began the job of evacuating each and every car, one at a time. While fire crews were using cherry pickers to evacuate riders over land, there are parts of the ride system that are over water. Those riders look like they will have to be repelled from the ride vehicles. 


This certainly does not bode well for the brand new transportation system. If a power outage is the reason, Disney needs to figure something out with it quickly, as power outages and lightning strikes are pretty much a way of life in Central Florida, where quick moving storms cause both all the time.

What’s more is that these gondolas do not have AC in them, so riders are left to the elements. 

Up to ten people can be in a single gondola at a time. 

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