Thrill Daily News 6-7-11


Have you ever listened to an acoustic guitar version of a popular Hip-Hop song? My son and I were listening to a guy doing a version of OutKast’s Hey Ya. It was good right up until the “What’s cooler than cool” part. Yeah, it was laughably bad. Summer is very close to being here officially, which means the kids are packing up their bags and going to their mothers for the Summer. Not a fun time to be a divorced parent. So if there has been a lack of updates lately, I’m sure you’ll forgive me. If you won’t well…then there is nothing more to say but good day sir.

My theme park news makes the ground shake and the trees tremble!


If you are a member of the gay community then you know that last week was the annual Gay Days celebration in Orlando. The event started 21 years ago and grew from just a day at Disney World to a whole week long celebration. It’s completely unofficial in the parks, and the only way that you’d know your favorite theme park has been “invaded” are all the red shirts that Gay and Lesbian patrons sport to spot each other. In other words, no ones really bothering anyone. Leave it to a group of Christian wacko’s to ruin the fun. A group is patting themselves on the back saying that they’ve done a “good job” in telling the general public that “THERE’S GAY PEOPLE IN THERE!!” More info visit this site….but be warned, it’s full of people “warning of the dangers of gay people in front of children”…you know…idiots.

If you’ve been following the E3 conference you’ll know all about the cool stuff coming to video game consoles over the next couple of months. The big news from Disney was that they were teaming up with Microsoft to bring an all new Disneyland Adventure to the Kinect. It will allow players to go on an interactive journey through the legendary park.

In order to help “Lift spirits” after the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan a few months ago, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea will lower child admission tickets by half through the summer. More details.

The Canadian Group that heads Cirque Du Soleil has said that there will not be a permanent show based in Dubai. And there will be no shows in Dubai this year. More info.

Knoebels has released a POV of Flying Turns. Yes, the Flying Turns that isn’t opened yet has a POV! It was done using a prototype chassis and the video emphasizes that the coaster is not ready yet. It looks like a wild ass ride.

Bob Barker, formerly of the Price is Right, and long time animal rights activist has recorded a message for PETA urging people to not go to Sea World because of the “unfair treatment of animals”. To read the full story click here. Hey Bob, the price is WRONG BITCH! Personally, people can believe what they wish to. We urge everyone to go to Sea World to not only be entertained but become educated about the sea life that they display and show.

As reported last week, NBCUniversal and Blackstone have reached a deal for just over a Billion dollars. Blackstone will sell off it’s 50% share to Comcast. More info.

Alabama Adventure had a “borderline riot” and had to close the park down, and call in police after chairs were thrown and several fights broke out. Not sure the reason, but we heard it had something to do with someone’s sister/wife. More details

Seven people were injured on the Wildcat at Cedar Point when one train collided with another. No injuries were serious, and the coaster was shut down for the day. Details.

An 11 year old girl fell out of the Ferris wheel at Morey’s Pier on Friday and died from her injuries. The park immediately shut down the ride and all other rides Friday. The ride remained closed today. No word on what caused the accident. More info

Star Trek the Exhibition opens Saturday at Kennedy Space Center and will include walk around characters, a simulator ride and props from the TV show and movies. More details

Nintendo has announced their next generation Wii console…the Wii U which will now have an Ipad as a controller is reporting that Mach Tower at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has not only been delayed again, but they are reporting that the ride unit was damaged during a test drop. A crash? Doubtful…although, whatever happened sounds like it’s a huge set back for the park, but this is the reason they test these things. Safety first, and patience. It’ll open when it’s ready. For more information on Mach Tower and the other attractions at Busch Gardens visit the official website.
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