Theme Park 360: Seaworld Orlando’s Waterfront


I love taking photos in theme parks and I also love finding new and interesting apps on my Android-based phone. I recently discovered an app that allows me to take beautiful panoramic shots. I have so much fun with these panoramic shots that I would like to share them with you at least once a month. If I’m able to frequent the parks several times in a month, I will surely share as many panoramas with you as I can!

This month highlights the waterfront at Seaworld Orlando. The waterfront is a pretty relaxing place during the day. It’s a great place to sit and relax, or maybe watch some pearl divers, or even view Seaworld from above! Seaworld offers much to do in this area of the park and then some! Of course, if you cross over this body of water, you’ll find even more adventures within Seaworld.

Could you imagine hundreds of beautifully lit Christmas trees dancing to music? Seaworld transforms this area into the “Sea of Trees” during their annual Christmas Celebration. Christmas is quite a ways away right now, but I will tell you it’s worth seeing. It’s beautiful!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of Theme Park 360!