Old Town Halloween kicks off this Friday with some new Legends-Haunting at Old Town to open in time for Halloween!


Old Town in Kissimmee is getting ready to scare up a few new Legends as Halloween approaches. Every Friday and Saturday night in October, as well as on Halloween night, Old Town is transformed into a land of spooky Halloween fun. But don’t let the music and costumes fool you. There’s something sinister lurking in the shadows. A new Legend has come to Old Town, and it’s trying to “dig up” business. While you may be able to stomach the rides, and live music, can you survive the night? Will you face Archibald Ashdown?


Archibald Ashdown is the caretaker at the new Legends:A Haunting in Old Town. He is but one of the characters you’ll see at the all new year round haunted attraction which will open this Friday Old Town’s Halloween celebration. We actually caught up with Archibald this past May at Mayhem when he was dragging skeletons from their closets and bringing everyone the grave news.

While it’s been a long time coming, it’s the perfect time of year to bring such horrors to life. The new haunt will take the best in the industry and mix storytelling with scares, animatronics and good old fashioned scareactors. It will be closed Mondays, but open throughout the rest of the week.

Legends is an all new Haunted experience that already has insiders buzzing about it. We were able to talk to the creators of the event, and get clued in on exactly what to expect.

Legends: A Haunting at Old Town will be just one of several things happening for Halloween at Old Town. There will be roaming characters, costume contests, and live entertainment. Of course the regular shops and rides will also be open during the event. Old Town has several attractions on their midway, including two coasters, flat rides and more!
Halloween at Old Town starts this Friday! Admission to the event is free, though there is a separate charge for Legends:A Haunting at Old Town.
Be sure to follow along with us as we come face to face with Archibald Ashdown and his minions of darkness.
For more information about Old Town Halloween, visit the official website by clicking here!