Han Solo movie casts Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian




Empire Strikes Back was the Star Wars movie that got me hooked on Star Wars. It had everything. Lightsabers, snow monsters, Muppets, and Lando Calrissian. The character is arguably one of the coolest in the series, simply because he’s always trying to do the right thing, even if it seems wrong at the time. To me, he wasn’t motivated by anything but trying to do the right thing. Sure, he betrayed Han, Leia, and Luke…but he was doing it to save Bespin. When he had the chance to make sure everything was right with his city, he turned and did the right thing by helping Han. He paid his dues.



Now, there’s a Star Wars Story involving Han Solo coming to theaters in the next few years. Lucasfilm today announced that Donald Glover has been tapped to play a young Lando. You may know Glover from his role as Troy on Community, or as rapper Childish Gambino. He’s as cool as anyone to play the part, and a favorite for many fans.

The next Star Wars film will be this year’s Rogue One. It’s the first stand alone Star Wars Story, and it tells the story behind stealing the plans of the original Death Star. The next film will be Episode VIII, followed by Han Solo then Episode IX.

After that? We have no clue just yet, we just know that there will be a Star Wars film every year. While the new love and films in the Star Wars Universe are all great (and Rogue One is going to be great), we hope that the films after the Han Solo film will stop relying on nostalgia, and take us in a completely new direction. Personally, I hope that the Han Solo movie plays off like a buddy movie…road trippin through the universe with a couple of scoundrels and a walking carpet!


Now, if we can just get Billy Dee Williams signed on as the older Lando in the next few Star Wars films…



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