Jurassic World Velocicoaster, Review & Element-by-Element Analysis of the New Islands of Adventure Roller Coaster.

Velocicoaster Entrance

The Jurassic World Velocicoaster at Universal Studios Florida’s Islands of Adventure theme park has been one of the most anticipated attractions of the past decade. The roller coaster is NOW OPEN to the public and word is spreading about the incredible ride. Welcome to a Jurassic World Velocicoaster: Review & Element by Element Analysis; by Austin Rdzanek. You can follow me here on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Jurassic World Velocicoaster at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Islands of Adventure theme park is an Intamin-built roller coaster that takes up a large portion of the waterfront at the Orlando, Florida park. The 4-inversion double-launched attraction starts with a 0-50mph launch in 3 seconds and completes its first half around a large rock structure with turns and inversions winding around the “Raptor Paddock” before launching from 40-70mph into the faster portion of the ride featuring larger elements, such as the 100-foot long stall, and the 360-degree roll finish above the water dubbed the “Mosasaurus Roll.”

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When reviewing a coaster I like to break down the attraction into different categories, 5 key points that I personally feel are vital when assessing a roller coaster and searching for that perfect ride.

Technical. The length, effectiveness of the layout & how well uses space, the smoothness, throughput, restraints, & comfort.

Excitement. Thrill level, adrenaline, the intensity of the ride, & fun factor.

Pacing. The blending of elements & pace throughout the ride.

Theming. Queue details, the props. setting. The storyline, preshow & paint scheme.

Uniqueness. Re-rideability, mixture of elements, new characteristics and styles that haven’t been done before, individuality.

VelociCoaster Finale, Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Islands of Adventure


The Jurassic World Velocicoaster is a new-gen Intamin attraction that promises smooth rides and high thrills with just a comfortable lap bar restraint. Riders sit further off of the track than most other coaster models, resulting in a heartline that is much higher off the track itself. (The Heartline is the center of the rider’s body as situated above the coaster track, or where their “heart” lies, hence the name, heart – line; the rolls and elements on coasters can be based around this line to give riders a more comfortable ride, and can also be used to design elements to be more thrilling in areas with reverse heart-lining. Without designing around the rider’s body there would be elements that would be impossible to ride through.)

Roller Coaster,  Islands of Adventure New 2021 VelociCoaster and Hogsmeade

This high Heartline on the Velocicoaster results in elements that look very drawn out when watching them from off the ride, most notably the very wide-looking Heartline Roll. This massive ride feels very scaled-down while you are on it because of this higher line, which is a great thing.

Elements feel quicker and more snappy and by the end, it really feels like you are on a ride made by Intamin. It’s incredible just how fast it feels as you travel from the peak of the Top Hat all the way to the edge of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The coaster has a great length and uses the plot of land perfectly with no wasted space.

Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Islands of Adventure New 2021 VelociCoaster

You will notice a slight bit of rattle on this coaster that is a bit surprising for it being brand new, but it is easily the smoothest of the large outdoor coasters inside the Universal Orlando Resort and all of Florida. The front seems to be the smoothest area of the vehicle in my opinion, and this slight rattle isn’t anything too uncomfortable thanks to the cozy seats and restraints.

Throughput is also very high on the ride thanks to a double-sided locker system before the loading platform, so loose articles aren’t a hindrance, and 4-train operations to get many riders aboard as possible each hour. Forces throughout the ride are comfortable with a good mix of moderate positive G’s and negative G-forces, the right amount of intensity for an exciting ride.

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