S&S Axis – Giving coasters a new swing.


I switched seats and rode again. Then I rode it again, and again, and again. It quickly becomes my favorite coaster – not because it is a long ride, or aggressive ride – though it certainly has some wild forces. Not because it’s the “best roller coaster” I’ve ridden. It becomes my favorite coaster because I can see it: I can imagine a full scale 100+ ft coaster that is unpredictably predictable fun. In a generation where rollercoaster manufactures are copying each other and innovation is a rarity S&S is breaking walls. In a world where the elements have been predictable based on the track in front S&S is flipping the car. 

S&S Axis Prototype Off Ride Video

I am beyond excited to see who builds the first one. If you go back and watch my initial reaction video it’s the first question I ask. “When’s the first one opening?” Unfortunately though, for now at least, that remains a mystery. Six Flags has a long working relationship with S&S so could they be first? Cedar Fair is getting ready to celebrate 150 years at Cedar Point – could this be the return to a generation of “risk taking” like we used to see with Cedar Point and Intamin? Silver Dollar City has been innovating fast, with Outlaw Run being the first ground up RMC, and with the first Mack spinning coaster meant to be a “thrill ride” – could they be ready to take another risk? Busch Gardens and Sea World Parks have been building bigger and better rides, could they be ready to add something never before seen? All of this remains a mystery for now – but one thing is certain. Whoever steps up first is going to turn the roller coaster industry on it’s Axis.

S&S Animation Video of full scale Axis Layout

*Please note: S&S Factory is a closed working facility. It is not open to the public. AXIS is a prototype of a future working model that is currently being designed.

Preston Perkes Interview

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