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Dutch Wonderland – a hidden land of imagination and creativity.

Dutch Wonderland is a small park that is perfect for children and families! Well themed and plenty to do with a budgeted experience!

California: Six Flags Magic Mountain Opens Wonder Woman Flight Of Courage – Tallest and Longest Single Rail Coaster

California gets the newest, tallest, and longest Rocky Mountain Construction Single Rail Coaster: WONDER WOMAN FLIGHT OF COURAGE.

Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Sesame Street?

Sesame Place is a park that brings big thrills to littler children - a great opportunity to immerse them in a Theme Park designed for kids!

Delgrosso Amusement Park – A small park in PA with a big history behind the family name.

Delgrosso Amusement Park - a family owned park with a SURPRISING history!

How Will California’s New COVID Mandates Affect Theme Parks?

Starting today, December 15, many Californians will encounter new COVID-19 restrictions that haven’t been seen since early this year — the California...

The Oldest Operating Amusement Park in the Country

If I asked you what the oldest amusement park in the world was what would you say? You may respond with Disneyland, or Disney World. Maybe you’d say Cedar Point if...

Luna Park Sydney to Construct World’s First Launched Single-Rail Coaster as Part of $30 Million Transformation

Luna Park Sydney unveiled today a $30 million plan to update and refresh one of Australia’s best known and most loved destinations, including the installations of new...

Adventure Park USA – The best Family Entertainment Center?

An hour north of Washington D.C in a small town in Maryland sits Adventure Park USA – a Family Entertainment Center. Most of these family centers have an arcade,...

Cedar Point keeps history alive with the 150th anniversary Atlas

Cedar Point is a park in Sandusky Ohio owned by parent company Cedar Fair. It is considered their flagship park and for good reason – it’s even older than...

Six Flags America: Could use an update, still worth a visit.

Six Flags America sits about 9 miles outside of Washington DC, the capital of the country – making the name fitting. It is one of the smaller Six Flags parks,...