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Kasi, Mtani and Cheetahs at Busch Gardens explore pumpkins

Kasi, Mtani, and the other Cheetahs that reside in the Cheetah Run habitat next to Cheetah Hunt were given three over-sized pumpkins to explore for Halloween. Typically,...

Vote for Kasi as the cutest zoo baby

Kasi and Mtani at Busch Gardens are really growing up. Seeing photos today on Busch Gardens Tampa’s Blog today really surprised me. Before I even started reading,...

Video: Baby Aardvark and Kasi and Mtani of Jambo Junction Busch Gardens


Cheetah Hunt update, and Kasi Returns from his debut in Hollywood

With exactly two weeks until we get a glimpse of Cheetah Hunt and Run at Busch Gardens, work is going at a frantic place. Things erupt over night and what was a pile of...

Video: Kasi the Baby Cheetah Cub Playing at Busch Gardens Tampa

httpvh:// the baby cheetah cub Kasi has returned his his national TV Debut on the Tonight show with Jay Leno.

Kasi and Mtani go to California for Tonight Show, Cheetah Hunt Construction 5/9/11

I was kind of heart broken when I saw this sign, but Kasi and Mtani have temporarily left Jambo Junction (they’re so cute and I was hoping for even more cute...

Baby Cheetah Gets a name, Testing on Cheetah Hunt continues

Busch Gardens Tampa released the results from the Facebook poll about the names of the baby Cheetah and Puppy. Their names are Kasi and Mtani. We take another look at...

Busch Gardens announces names of Cheetah and Puppy picked by Facebook Fans

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